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Effective date: October 19, 2018
Note: is a website owned and operated by GS Marketing Group, Inc.

GS Marketing Group respects your privacy, and is committed to establishing and maintaining a relationship with you based on trust. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") covers the treatment of both personal and general information GS Marketing Group collects when you use the website ("Website"). Links on the Website may lead you to other websites, controlled by parties other than GS Marketing Group, to which this policy is not bound. Please refer to the privacy policies posted on those websites for applicable information.

Your use of the Website and its features constitutes your acceptance of the Policy. If you do not accept, please do not continue use the Website.

What information does GS Marketing Group collect, and why?

Data collection is dependent on context, as follows:

  1. As is typical, the Website server records your remote IP address and browser user agent in access logs, for troubleshooting and related purposes. What does this reveal? We can learn from what city (or nearby city) you accessed the Website, whether or not you were using a mobile device, and other generalized information. For an explanation, you may visit What Is My IP Address, at
  2. Also common is our use of data services like Google Analytics and Google Ads, which use corresponding cookies and beacons to help measure performance of online ads and engagement with the Website. For information about collection and use of data in measurement and ad targeting, as well as how you may opt out, see the WebChoices tool (US) or Your Online Choices guide (EU).
  3. If you schedule a phone consultation appointment through the embedded Calendly widget, we collect your name, email address, company name, and some basic information about your company to prepare for the call. Calendly stores data from that brief form and notifies us of the appointment. See the Calendly privacy policy for information about what they do with your data.
  4. If you initiate a chat session (or leave a support request when the agent is offline) via the Zendesk widget that floats at the bottom right of the page, we will see what location information is revealed by your IP address, what browser you used, what page(s) you visited on the Website, and whatever you type or paste into the widget. For more information, see the Zendesk privacy policy.
  5. Whether you use the scheduling or chat widget, or call or email us, we will store what data we collect for business purposes in customer relationship management (CRM) software. For more information, see the Nimble privacy policy.

How else does GS Marketing Group use information gathered?

The personally identifiable information described above is not shared with parties outside GS Marketing Group, except where the parties serve to process the information or otherwise help us serve you (e.g., shipping physical product to you). GS Marketing Group will not sell, trade, or give freely your personal information. We jealously guard our customers and prospective customers, and do not wish to jeopardize our relationship with you.

In special cases, such as testimonials, we may display contact information (name, title, organization) of selected customers on the Website. This is only after having sought and obtained prior consent from each participating customer. Participants have the right to review and to request removal of this information from the Website at any time.

How does GS Marketing Group inform me of Policy changes?

This Policy is a living document and is subject to change. As the website is updated to solicit and to showcase work, we will review this policy to ensure policy and practice are in agreement. Revisions to the policy will be posted to the website with a notice of the date the new policy took effect.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please feel free to write an email message to, or to call us at 1-800-859-3970.

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